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across, crass, cress, dross, gross, Ross, ross groß, Großen, Größte, kross, Ross, Tross

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drift, pierce, run, advance, hole, x, mine, break, head, drive, cut, work

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cross und crossLast post 08 Jul 12, 20:54
Es geht um einen dünnen Holzpflock, der in ein Bohrloch, das sich in einem Stein befindet, h…11 Replies
crossLast post 20 Mar 06, 10:23
Pargesa confirms that Groupe Bruxelles Lambert (GBL) has declared to the French “Autorité des1 Replies
crossLast post 19 Oct 08, 11:43
Suche die Übersetzung des Wortes "cross" in diesem Kontext (Liedstrophe) Just because I'm l…1 Replies
crossLast post 31 Dec 12, 14:42
Wie könnte man "cross office authorities" in folgendem Kontext übersetzen? The responsibili…2 Replies
cross-faculty/ cross facultyLast post 01 Apr 09, 02:42
I held a position as a student assistant in a cross faculty research projekt, which has made…3 Replies
Cross skill - Cross SkillLast post 25 Feb 13, 11:00
Cross skill existing resources in other service areas How should i translate "Cross Skill" …2 Replies
cross-sectoral and cross-sectionalLast post 03 Mar 05, 11:24
Is there a difference? And if so, could someone explain it to me?4 Replies
cross-browser, cross-browser supportLast post 26 Oct 11, 17:08
Cross-browser support is very important to me. Ich würde gerne was kurzes für einen Text im…2 Replies
cross-disciplinary - fächerübergreifendLast post 01 Nov 07, 12:17
"Procedures for Dealing with Cross-Disciplinary Proposals Research proposals that straddle, 1 Replies
cross genderLast post 08 Dec 12, 18:13
"He was into cross gender." Was würdet ihr darunter verstehen? (Ich liefere bewusst zunäch…8 Replies

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