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    integrate (Verb) 

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end-to-end, integral, incorporated

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highly integrated / most highly integratedLast post 03 Nov 05, 15:59
The plant is one of the most flexible, highly integrated machining and fabricating centers i…0 Replies
vertically integrated Last post 07 Jan 09, 16:28
Gibt es eine Übersetzung für "vertically integrated grower and processor of ..."? Scheint au…2 Replies
vertically integratedLast post 12 Jul 06, 15:03
a vertically integrated energy supply company Da es um ein Unternehmen aus der Energiebranch…2 Replies
Integrated ResortLast post 05 Jun 07, 20:08
He is still active in his practice, which is currently involved in a number of projects; inc…1 Replies
were integratedLast post 03 Feb 08, 16:11
To answer the research questions [...] thinking aloud protocols and error taxonomy were inte…1 Replies
integrated approachLast post 17 Sep 09, 03:56
Thanks to our integrated approach from hydrates to aluminas, we provide a wide range of tech…1 Replies
integrated cityLast post 28 Oct 10, 21:33
"Are integrated cities the future? Worldwide, integrated cities are fast becoming the norm.…4 Replies
integrated functioningLast post 17 Mar 13, 13:40
Im Kontext steht "integrated functioning" wie folgt: "One possibility to think in terms of …1 Replies
integrated frameworkLast post 15 Oct 08, 14:12
This paper elaborates an integrated framework for understanding diffusion as a process of cr…5 Replies
vertically-integratedLast post 16 May 09, 22:46
Solar Millenium is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of solar cells.1 Replies

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