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introduced, introducer

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insert, bring

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Introduce yourself Last post 02 Apr 15, 18:55
Hallo zusammen, ich wurde gebeten, mich den neuen Kollegen mit einer kurzen E-mail kurz un…6 Replies
introduceLast post 28 Feb 07, 13:50
This ADAMS Lab introduce you to the following skills:... How would you translate this sennte1 Replies
to present / to introduceLast post 08 Apr 08, 21:55
Liebe native speaker, gibt es im englischen einen qualitativen Unterschied zwischen to pres…5 Replies
introduce each other/ themselves?Last post 26 Jan 11, 11:30
Person A meets person B. They introduce each other/ themselves. Which one's correct?1 Replies
to introduceLast post 17 Jun 08, 21:27
In chapter 1, Sanders introduces the basic facts about Paul. How would one translate "intro…2 Replies
introduce / sectionLast post 08 Feb 16, 16:43
Introduce the first cone into the shaft, introduce the reel of the tape and then the second …2 Replies
introduce biasLast post 14 Mar 15, 17:23
All high dose treatment periods are preceded by either a low or medium dose treatment period…2 Replies
introduce - by or with? Last post 05 May 10, 09:00
The topic is introduced by a rhetorical question. I think it has to be "with" instead of "by…7 Replies
introduce a briefingLast post 05 May 06, 09:17
The European Commission has now introduced a briefing before the European Court of Justice w…2 Replies
introducer program / introduceLast post 16 Mar 10, 16:01
We do have an Introducer’s Program under which we may be able to pay you an introduction fee f7 Replies