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    mention (Verb) 

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mentionedLast post 20 Aug 07, 23:12
hey! woujld anyone know the correct erb to use in the following context please? "a friend …6 Replies
"earlier mentioned"Last post 05 Mar 11, 13:05
A reviewer of a scientific paper I wrote complained about "awkward grammatical construction…1 Replies
As mentionedLast post 06 Apr 10, 02:17
This project will be carried out in the development department. As mentioned by Mrs. XYZ in…2 Replies
Mentioned afore ...Last post 07 Mar 22, 13:22
In einem Text einer Kollegin finde ich die Formulierung: In contrast to XYZ mentioned afore,…7 Replies
Above-mentioned vs. the above-mentionedLast post 07 May 11, 19:14
Ist folgender Satz auch ohne "the" korrekt? Gibt es hier einen Unterschied zwischen British …5 Replies
"mentioned" oder "shown"Last post 13 Jun 07, 10:05
Hallo zusammen, kann mir vielleicht jemand sagen, ob es eher heißt All amounts are shown in…2 Replies
above-mentioned / obengenanntLast post 08 Apr 08, 20:41
In German this is abbreviated to "o.g." and there is a tendency for the same to be done to t…10 Replies
as previously mentionedLast post 21 Jul 08, 16:28
when you are writing a report, and you want to refer back to something that you previously w…2 Replies
like those mentionedLast post 23 Aug 07, 17:23
People, like those mentioned in the story... Leute, wie die im Geschichte erwaehnte... Is t…3 Replies
As mentioned previous, ...Last post 12 Dec 13, 16:28
Ich habe in eine Text wiederholt die Formulierung "As mentioned previous, xxxxx" in der Bed…2 Replies

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