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cantle, cradle, Cradle, dandle, handle Handle

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candle snuffLast post 08 Jun 09, 09:03
Das Ding mit dem man Kerzen ausmacht... Ich habe alle Woerterbuecher durchwuehlt....6 Replies
beckoning candleLast post 25 Jun 07, 13:55
Deep in my heart, there's a trembling question Still I am sure that the answer's gonna come …2 Replies
exygen candleLast post 22 Mar 07, 12:19
Oxygen candles are fitted to all Trafalgar-class submarines. Sauerstoffkerze ?1 Replies
candle snufferLast post 07 Dec 06, 23:00
He used the candle snuffer to extinguish the candle. Now that is almost Christmas, I have be…2 Replies
candle standLast post 31 Jan 05, 16:22…2 Replies
Roman candle - TischfeuerwerkLast post 17 Mar 07, 22:53…0 Replies
candle fluorescent lightingLast post 06 Mar 08, 16:08
provide 100 foot candle fluorescent lighting ich kann mit dem "candle" nichts anfangen - ha…13 Replies
Kerzenziehen - candle dippingLast post 07 Nov 13, 14:34
Wie z.B. hier: Habe hier im Forum Kerzenzieher/Kerzenzieherin ge…4 Replies
pull a candleLast post 15 Dec 12, 18:19
you should never pull a candle if you don't know where its been how could I say that in Ger…5 Replies
standard candle - Standardkerze, fLast post 20 Mar 17, 20:06 vom Typ Ia sind ein…0 Replies

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