Possible base forms for "containing"

    contain (Verb) 

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bearing, carrying

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lin-containingLast post 08 Dec 08, 20:21
lin-containing peptide substrates0 Replies
gluten-containing cerealsLast post 13 Oct 09, 18:43
In our gluten free kitchen, meals will be prepared free of ingredients derived from cereals …3 Replies
soothing and containingLast post 29 Oct 13, 22:49
With premature babies soothing and containing should be an essential part of the nursing pro…31 Replies
Sentence containing all prepositionsLast post 17 Feb 05, 15:26
I am learning German at the moment and currently trying to remember the prepositions and whi…2 Replies
compound adjectives containing "starrend"Last post 25 May 14, 13:50
I'm compiling a list - just for my own purposes - of German compound adjectives containing "…25 Replies
Summationszeilen - Rows containing totalsLast post 27 Jun 07, 23:33
Summationszeilen sind mit dem Symbol „#“ gekennzeichnet. Rows containing totals are mar3 Replies
kohlendioxidhaltig - carbon dioxide-containing?Last post 06 Mar 08, 16:56
Die richtige Schreibweise (Bindestrich ja/nein, Leerzeichen ja/nein) suchend, schon einmal "…5 Replies
drums containing bulk or tabletsLast post 26 Feb 08, 10:32
Zollwesen - Grenzbeschlagnahme "identifying features of the consignments or packages conta…2 Replies
phrases containing the words "mistake" "wrong"Last post 13 Jan 06, 22:31
So, first of all, there is the phrase "You can't go wrong with Could I use an ing form aft…2 Replies
...capacity of parliamentarism in containing corruption...Last post 15 Aug 08, 18:02
...investigate the capacity of parliamentarism in containing corruption...2 Replies

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