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ImaginationLast post 25 Aug 07, 16:41
for The Tyger by William Blake there's an online interpretation of the poem. one line says: …1 Replies
imaginationLast post 21 Nov 07, 12:13
quote: "During the Indian mutiny of 1857, when British public opinion became hysterical in d…2 Replies
imagination - fantasyLast post 13 Apr 08, 20:15
Kann mir jemand sagen, in welchen Fällen man welches der beiden Wörter benutzt? Was ist der …9 Replies
boggle imaginationLast post 05 Nov 07, 22:50
...but some of their characteristics, for instance the change of their flight course at 90 d…3 Replies
research imaginationLast post 12 Mar 12, 21:01
"Doing a Literature Review: Releasing the Social Science Research Imagination" (Chris Hart, …6 Replies
Use your imagination!Last post 17 Apr 08, 08:53
als Antwort auf eine (meist blöde) Frage. Wie kann man das am geschicktesten ins Deutsche ü…6 Replies
native folk imaginationLast post 11 Mar 10, 00:48
The works of writers like O Yongsu, who relied on the native folk imagination, and Kim Tongn…4 Replies
(bangers) ? the imaginationLast post 27 Feb 14, 10:56
In this link, if you scroll down a bit, there is a video:…2 Replies
imagination based entertainmentLast post 11 Apr 11, 12:19
This TV channel is the home of imagination based entertainment. "imagination based entertai…1 Replies
stretch of the imaginationLast post 13 Apr 07, 17:26
Without any great stretch of the imagination, you can put yourself in his position. Übersch…3 Replies

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