Possible base forms for "imperative"

   imperativ (Adjective)
   der Imperativ (Noun)

Orthographically similar words

Imperativ, imperativ

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imperativeLast post 24 Sep 08, 17:26
"Jesus die not come only to proclaim the truth (which is imperative), but also to ensure tha…7 Replies
a market imperative, a resource imperative, an IT imperative and an ecological imperativeLast post 19 May 10, 18:23
4 imperatives make up the dynamics of this system: a market imperative, a resource imperativ…4 Replies
compound imperative Last post 31 Jan 13, 21:41
Hello, I'm looking for the german word for "compound imperative". It's word constructed f…7 Replies
compliance imperativeLast post 26 Oct 09, 16:11
Such eine Übersetzung für "compliance imperative". Der ganze Satz lautet: "The compliance i…2 Replies
social imperativeLast post 12 Jan 10, 13:08
This underlines the social imperative required to change behaviour that, already, people are…4 Replies
"Auseinander!" Imperativ/imperativeLast post 12 May 17, 16:32
"Auseinander! Schluss jetzt! Hier wird nicht geprügelt!" For example when two students are …5 Replies
a fundraising imperativeLast post 11 Jun 09, 14:13
Yet a fundraising imperative seems to fuel a need to have a broad based communication strate…0 Replies
a fundraising imperative Last post 11 Jun 09, 14:50
Yet a fundraising imperative seems to fuel a need to have a broad based communication strate…2 Replies
... it is imperative to us to use our ... - imperative to or imperative for ?Last post 05 Mar 10, 15:02
Suggestion for an improvement of LEO: list the correct preposition together with adjective o…1 Replies
er verwendet viele imperative und wiederholungenLast post 09 May 07, 18:29
merci2 Replies

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