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at length - endlichLast post 02 Mar 10, 18:51
"at length" in a modern context makes me think much more of "for a long amount of time." I'm…3 Replies
burning length - BranddauerLast post 01 Dec 06, 10:51
"burning length" kommt mir sehr Spanisch vor.3 Replies
Sentence lengthLast post 15 Feb 08, 19:12
Ok, I have no idea if this was a forum issue before or not, but I have to vent. Please all y…29 Replies
length - BahnLast post 17 Aug 05, 13:02
http://www.google.de/url?sa=U&start=9&q=http://www.angelfire.com/amiga/aut/diag.html&e=92 Replies
application essays: length important?Last post 29 Jan 09, 18:48
I have to write an essay for an application for a US summer school scholarship. For diverse …1 Replies
a length of hose, a length of pipe, a length of stringLast post 28 Oct 13, 19:01
Beim Lesen des Buchs "The Twelve" von Justin Cronin habe ich bei folgenden Stellen (Hervorhe…9 Replies
Units of lengthLast post 03 Apr 08, 21:54
Hey everyone, I've recently read a couple of technical reports (all in American English). I…23 Replies
arm's length - pluralLast post 03 Jul 20, 22:58
Stay 1.5 metres (or two arm's lengths) away from other people Is this correct? (or is it two…14 Replies
edge length - KantenlängeLast post 18 Aug 06, 22:27
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cube klingt ganz gut1 Replies
Length Measurement - LängenmesssytemLast post 10 Jul 07, 12:56
Auf ==> http://www.heidenhain.de/?/ca489_42,Products_and_Applications-479/ca479_42,Length_M…1 Replies