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locating, locution, vocation

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location - AnordnungLast post 15 Sep 10, 14:55
Unter Berücksichtigung der Definitionen für "location", welche z.B. hier http://www.macmil…9 Replies
LocationLast post 12 Feb 09, 13:31
I'm working on a text in which the German misuses the word "location". They are talking abou…9 Replies
Off LocationLast post 11 Aug 10, 22:43
Gibt's eine gute Übersetzung für dieses deutsche Fantasiewort? Is there a proper translatio…10 Replies
adverb locationLast post 12 Feb 09, 13:44
the process is performed automatically or the process is automatically performed? the th…5 Replies
business location - WirtschaftsstandortLast post 04 May 12, 17:42
http://www.siteselection.com/ Ein Fachartikel machte mich auf eine amerikanische Zeitschrift…1 Replies
collection location - AbholortLast post 05 Jan 07, 14:21
Enter your scheduling information, including the time your shipment will be ready, the time …1 Replies
location / venue / TagungsortLast post 05 Dec 06, 18:20
"locations must be chosen to facilitate travel for participants, and venues must be appropri…4 Replies
location of adverbLast post 15 Sep 08, 12:30
"have been recently optimized" or "have recently been optimized" which version is right and …5 Replies
venue - die LocationLast post 05 Aug 21, 15:55
*****Wörterbuch Deutsch****DUDEN:· Örtlichkeit, LokalitätBeispiel·       die hipste Loc18 Replies
location - GegebenheitLast post 08 Oct 08, 12:25
... because we are all locked into our historical and cultural locations, it is impossible t…10 Replies

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