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Bestimmen als - appoint or appoint asLast post 06 Nov 06, 09:29
Wir bestimmen als: A. Verwaltungsrat Dr. ---, wohnhaft ---, als einziges Verwaltungsratsmi…1 Replies
appoint a subsidiaryLast post 11 Oct 06, 09:03
Vertrag At your sole discretion, you may appoint a wholly owned subsidiary at contract party…2 Replies
to appoint somebody 'to' somethingLast post 28 Jul 08, 15:11
Appoints to the Technical Committee the members and alternates named in Appendix I This is…2 Replies
right to appoint and investLast post 23 Dec 07, 12:16
The European Parliament has the right to appoint and invest the European Commission. "The r…1 Replies
to appoint directors ipso iureLast post 15 Apr 16, 11:51
The Control is defined as having the direct or indirect ownership of more than 50% of voting…2 Replies
to appoint so. as sth.Last post 25 Oct 09, 10:37
The leader of the Greens party has been appointed as the new labor minister in Finland's coa…1 Replies
to appoint sb to the boardLast post 28 Jul 11, 23:00
XY appoints sb to its board. Vielen Dank!5 Replies
to appoint so to assess stLast post 09 Mar 10, 17:39
He appointed a group of international marketing directors to assess the program. That group …5 Replies
sich selbst benennen - to appoint oneselfLast post 19 Jul 07, 11:28
Ich habe mich gegenüber den Behörden als Ausfuhrverantwortlicher benannt. = I have appointed…1 Replies
to appoint oneself as judge - sich zum Richter aufwerfenLast post 15 Sep 06, 17:24
Den Ausdruck "sich zum Richter aufwerfen" habe ich noch nie gehoert. Vielleicht gibt es da r…7 Replies

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