Possible base forms for "embarrassing"

    embarrass (Verb)

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embarrassingLast post 16 Jan 09, 13:23
After her embarrassing begging to perform, it looks like she gets what she wanted. Ich glau…6 Replies
Embarrassing question - doctorsLast post 27 Feb 09, 19:45
Hi, I'm new to Germany (about 3 months here) and have unfortunately recently noticed some lu…15 Replies
embarrassing factual errorLast post 20 Nov 08, 19:45
I am working on a piece of art criticism for a catalogue. The author has entitled his piece …18 Replies
Embarrassing question to translatorsLast post 12 Apr 11, 11:58
My problem is as follows. A couple of months ago I did a translation on werkseigene Produkti…7 Replies
awkward - fatalLast post 07 Sep 09, 01:41
Quelle: Thematischer Grund- und Aufbauwortschatz, Klett und Balmer Verlag Zug17 Replies
embarrassing- definitionLast post 02 May 10, 13:23
I want to say that something that someone said about me was awkward and made me feel very un…3 Replies
CBC radio show: The most embarrassing piece of your CD/record collectionLast post 18 Oct 06, 16:58
Some time ago CBC Radio Noon launched a series called "The most embarrassing piece of your …86 Replies
embarrassing display of affectionLast post 20 Feb 10, 17:00
Hi , ich suche die Bedeutung davon. Hier ist der Satz , in dem es angewendet wurde: I got a…10 Replies
embarrassing herself by cussingLast post 23 Jan 10, 23:19
I was just hoping she'd end up embarrassing herself by cussing or something.1 Replies
embarrassing oder embarrassLast post 01 Oct 14, 15:07
Baby don’t you see, you’re embarrassing me?? Baby don’t you see, you embarrass me5 Replies

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