Possible base forms for "kettle"

   ketteln (Verb)

Orthographically similar words

fettle, kittle, mettle, nettle, settle, Settle Kette, Ketten, ketten, Klette

Related search terms

boiler, pot, pothole


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Forum discussions containing the search term

jug=kettle?Last post 21 Feb 21, 23:15
Ich habe gerade in einem Rezept folgende Anweisung gelesen "boil the jug" (hier http://www.c…30 Replies
kettle descalentLast post 26 Feb 07, 14:48
Internal components can be cleaned with a mild proprietary inhibited scale solvent, e.g. dom…1 Replies
kettle whistlingLast post 08 Oct 16, 19:06
"Well, that did it. My kettle was whistling now. Hot embarrassment crawled up my neck."Sagt …8 Replies
kettle hole / kettle lake - Toteisloch / ToteisseeLast post 04 Jan 14, 13:00
A kettle (kettle hole, pothole) is a shallow, sediment-filled body of water formed by retreat9 Replies
pot meets kettleLast post 06 Oct 08, 18:23
McCain mocks “suck-ups?” Pot meet kettle. http://michellemalkin.com/2008/02/05/mccain-m8 Replies
kettle of vulturesLast post 16 Mar 09, 08:37
others variants: the vulture kettle the kettle of eagles the eagle kettle Thank you very m…10 Replies
pot, kettle, schwarzLast post 13 Aug 08, 19:11
"Pot, kettle, schwarz." A friend of mine replied to one of my (cheeky) emails saying "Pot, …1 Replies
a yellow kettleLast post 14 Jul 07, 13:07
Robert Swannell, the vice-chairman of Citigroup's European operations and an adviser to M&S …1 Replies
Kettle Chips - OfenfrittenLast post 10 Dec 06, 13:35
Kommt in einem Buch vor (High fidelity) "drink some beer, eat some crisps and maybe even so…6 Replies
kettle helm(et) - EisenhaubeLast post 23 Jan 07, 18:08
"...Der Fußknecht, der Bogen- und Armbrustschütze trug vom 12. Jahrhundert an eine weit weni…5 Replies

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