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necessity of / necessity forLast post 16 Mar 09, 19:40
There is a necessity of a school-based intervention... There is a necessity for a school-ba…1 Replies
necessity - die NotLast post 25 Feb 11, 10:56 Replies
commoditized necessity Last post 19 Jan 10, 11:00
gewöhnliche Notwendigkeit oder eher alltäglicher Bedarf? klingt komisch, der komplette satz…3 Replies
express necessityLast post 27 Jan 22, 23:00
Imagine the following situation: You are at a party and it's getting late. You are going to…3 Replies
need vs. necessityLast post 05 Jan 08, 01:10
Kann mir vielleicht jemand den Unterschied in der Verwendung dieser zwei Begriffe erhellen? …4 Replies
{ Optional, Required } = Necessity?Last post 24 Nov 03, 09:15
Für eine Enumeration mit den Werten { Optional, Required } brauche ich einen Namen. Kann ma…11 Replies
doctrine of NecessityLast post 20 Dec 07, 15:15
One summer afternoon, when my brother James (then my oracle) was sitting with my mother and …2 Replies
I am necessityLast post 28 Dec 09, 14:19
stammt aus dem Song "I am the rain" von pete doherty ... textzeile i am necessity, base of …6 Replies
necessity of - preposition?Last post 16 Nov 09, 10:21
"the necessity of quick decisions created a dynamic that..." Is "of" the right preposition …2 Replies
Necessity of Virtue SocietyLast post 21 Feb 07, 11:25
...elected the president and officials for the Sunday evening Necessity of Virtue Society. …2 Replies

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