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enquire, esquire, requiem, required, requite Requiem

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necessitate, want, demand

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require from?Last post 25 Jan 08, 14:24
They still require some deep technical understanding (FROM or BUY?) the author. Hi, could …1 Replies
reasonable requireLast post 13 Mar 08, 14:03
Aus einem Vertrag: that: (a) ABC shall have received evidence in form as ABC may reasonabl…1 Replies
require + indicative?Last post 15 Jun 07, 08:24
From today's (yesterday's?) New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/06/14/technology/14…3 Replies
demand requireLast post 08 Aug 15, 13:08
Hallo They also have to hold fixed positions and perform difficult jumps which “require/dem…7 Replies
verlangen - requireLast post 04 Sep 08, 10:42
Ich verlange nicht, daß du dich meinetwegen von deiner Familie trennst I don t require you t…1 Replies
require to + subjunctive (?)Last post 26 Jun 07, 15:08
Hallo - I have just come across two sentences (just ignore the subject matter of the sentenc…1 Replies
may require transportationLast post 17 Mar 15, 17:46
Participation in such meetings and projects may require transportation to various locations,…2 Replies
Exceptions require postulationLast post 20 Aug 11, 19:13
The term of office for the Society coordinator is for six years with no immediate reelectio…1 Replies
require the possessionLast post 03 Feb 10, 22:53
..and politicians believed that to remain or become a great power seemed to require the poss…13 Replies
many features require syntheticsLast post 14 Mar 09, 11:06
Kontext: The software is extremely simple to install and administer. However, many of the mo…0 Replies

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