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possibility of vs possibility toLast post 19 Dec 11, 13:32
Possibility for education or possibility to education? Possibility of funding research or p…3 Replies
possibility of vs. possibility toLast post 20 Feb 10, 15:40
Hallo! Ich weiß, es gibt bereits einen Eintrag zu diesem Thema; in der Antwort (http://is.g…13 Replies
reasonable possibilityLast post 12 Mar 07, 19:47
the controls are not adequate when their design is such that there is a reasonable possibili…3 Replies
opportunity/possibilityLast post 14 Jul 08, 15:26
Free education is seen as a very important condition to achieve equal... in a society. Welc…5 Replies
possibility - opportunityLast post 22 Mar 08, 20:03
(1)For him, it's a good opportunity/chance to make some money. Am I right in thinking that…3 Replies
possibility/opportunityLast post 05 Oct 10, 13:01
You should see this as a possibility/opportunity to start a new life. Hallo! Bin mir nicht …7 Replies
another possibilityLast post 21 Apr 10, 10:48
"I'm afraid you will have to look for another possibility for financing the house." Wie kan…5 Replies
possibility of evilLast post 29 Dec 08, 15:32
"possibilities for evil" ohne Verb, als Abstraktum, also nicht als "Möglichkeit, Böses zu tun"1 Replies
possibility - structures/patternsLast post 13 May 18, 18:36
I know that "There is a possibility of doing something" is a very common pattern and that it…4 Replies
grit of possibilityLast post 07 Jul 14, 08:38
Not that either of us wants a "relationship". What's between us is almost entirely clerical…3 Replies

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