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shim, sima, simp, skim, slim, swig, whim, wimp Seim, Sima, Sims, Sium

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bath, bathe, dizziness


Flüsse, Meere und Meeresteile
Flüsse, Meere und Meeresteile werden in beiden Sprachen mit bestimmtem Artikel verwendet.
Das Ausrufezeichen
Das Ausrufezeichen (im britischen Englisch exclamation mark, im amerikanischen Englisch exclamation point) dient allgemein zur Betonung eines Sachverhalts. Es wird im Englischen de…

Forum discussions containing the search term

swim or swam ?Last post 26 Feb 06, 19:23
Hi, do I have to say "I feel as if i swim against the tide" or "I feel as if I swam against…15 Replies
swimLast post 21 Sep 06, 17:42
[Interval swimming involves] a set number of swims, all of the same distance, [...] Weiß jem…16 Replies
Fish have to swimLast post 21 Dec 10, 14:54
Birds have to fly, Buffalo(e) have to roam, Whales have to migrate, Salmon have to spaw…37 Replies
He taught me to swim.Last post 09 Sep 10, 20:07
He taught me to swim. a) Er hat mich schwimmen gelehrt. / Er hat mich gelehrt, dass ich schw…12 Replies
swim lapsLast post 25 Feb 21, 17:33
I swam 20 laps today. LEO says that lap is Runde. I know that Runde is used with cars, but …22 Replies
swim trekkingLast post 08 Jun 08, 11:25
In England "Swim Trekking" has been very popular for years. Schwimmwandern ?3 Replies
swim classLast post 05 Apr 12, 06:05
"She's got swim class with her daughter Saturday morning but might have time to meet later o…13 Replies
to swim [und andere Einträge] - schwimmen | schwamm/schwomm, geschwommen|Last post 03 Aug 12, 09:19
http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/schwimmen schwim|men du schwammst; du schwömmest, auch s…36 Replies
to swim lengthsLast post 22 Jun 15, 12:37
I've never been quite sure what word is best to use here for "lengths". "Etappen" / "Bahnen"…2 Replies
other word for swim bladder (sounds like "fishmore")Last post 12 Dec 13, 10:32
Does anyone know another word for "swim bladder"?8 Replies

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