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Health, health, wealthy, wreath

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bride wealth - BrautpreisLast post 18 Apr 14, 18:28
E) bride wealth n. A payment in the form of money, property, or other valuable asset that …0 Replies
wealthLast post 04 Jan 18, 16:22
In einem Text über das Problem des Schnarchens:- Untreated sleep apnoea can seriously damage…6 Replies
sovereign wealth fund - StaatsfondsLast post 03 Mar 09, 11:56
A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) is a state-owned investment fund composed of financial assets …0 Replies
bride wealth - BrautpreisLast post 15 Jan 10, 17:18
Bride wealth is a payment in the form of money, property, or other valuable asset that is ma…1 Replies
Wohlstandstransfer - wealth transferLast post 12 Aug 13, 21:30
Prof. W. Henkel wies auf den enormen Wohlstandstransfer innerhalb Europas von den Geber- zu …3 Replies
wealth disparity - WohlstandsungleichheitLast post 12 Jun 13, 10:49
In this country (Mozambique), no figures exist on wealth disparity. Reichtumsungleichheit? …0 Replies
Wohlstandsschere - wealth gapLast post 29 May 09, 09:08
Die sich öffnende Wohlstandsschere wurde der DDR-Bevölkerung wegen des Westreiseverbots lang…1 Replies
wealth creationLast post 07 May 07, 16:29
Mr Sarkozy also wants to encourage wealth creation and bring down the number of French burea…3 Replies
redistributed wealthLast post 27 Feb 07, 11:32
My enterprises trade their lives and their youth for redistributed wealth, from their genera…2 Replies
blood-wealthLast post 13 Jul 07, 15:09
"local communities have been classed as tribes or tribal segments by whether they acknowledg…1 Replies