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carriageLast post 19 Jun 06, 20:29
I have carriage of the arbitration described below and as such have knowledge of the matters…3 Replies
carriage - Benehmen, VerhaltenLast post 08 Mar 12, 20:05
a archaic : deportment Quelle: b : manner of bearing the body : posture Quelle…1 Replies
on-carriage - NachlaufLast post 23 Feb 07, 13:04 Nachlauf, Nachreise engl. on-carriage Nachlau…0 Replies
supporting carriageLast post 14 Apr 05, 20:29
Various clamps and supporting carriages have been proposed for engaging and disengaging vari…4 Replies
Carriage cylinderLast post 14 Apr 07, 13:38
Ich suche die Übersetzung von "carriage cylinder" an einer Spritzgießmaschine. Wie ist die F…3 Replies
Press carriageLast post 25 Oct 07, 17:18
The press carriage applies a force on the pipe via hydraulics. the entire carriage is movabl…3 Replies
carriage trimmerLast post 20 Mar 09, 08:13
Aus einer Jobanzeige: Carry out maintenance on rollingstock at Mayne depot as pertains to tr…3 Replies
invalid carriage Last post 14 Nov 18, 20:37
Aus einem indischen Führerschein (Punjab):The holder of this licence is licenced to drive th…3 Replies
stage carriageLast post 24 Nov 07, 13:16
Motor vehicle of less than 3 tonnes gross weight other than [...], stage-carriage or omnibus…3 Replies
sweep carriageLast post 28 Jul 08, 19:16
To enable the fully formed layer to be hoisted and set-down onto a pallet, a rectangular swe…1 Replies

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