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thy [rel.] - deinLast post 03 Jul 11, 08:18
Natürlich wird thy ebenso wie alle andere Formen des Pronomens thou hie und da in religiösem…9 Replies
Schenk mir dein HerzLast post 12 Nov 10, 15:56
There's a youtube video of this song performed by the Höhner that shows a couple in love att…5 Replies
dein/deinsLast post 06 May 08, 08:46
Außerdem--spricht die von mir gegebenen Definition von der (Sache) wider, wie du es geschrie…6 Replies
dein/euerLast post 28 Jun 11, 18:57
I'm reading Stine by Theodor Fontane (1890). In the following scene, Haldern, a young aristoc17 Replies
Let's hope so, by goodness! - Dein Wort in Gottes Ohr! Last post 16 Apr 18, 17:16
http://dict.leo.org/dictQuery/m-vocab/ende/de.html?lp=ende&directN=0&search=by+goodness The 6 Replies
Frag nicht was dein Land dir kaufen kann, kauf für dein LandLast post 08 Dec 20, 19:18
At around 5:20, herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CPqbMbATa4Heute Show does a parody of t…21 Replies
"dein" in Elizabethan EnglishLast post 16 Oct 08, 19:15
Was heißt "dein" in altem Englisch (zu Shakespeares Zeit)? Ich weiß, dass "dir" mit "thee" u…7 Replies
"Your collar" - "DeinLast post 03 Jul 08, 12:43
In a dialogue one guy says "Thanks for the advice!" - the gal replies "Your collar." (I hear…6 Replies
du/dein vs. ihr/euerLast post 11 Dec 07, 00:01
I'm sure that I should know this, but I'm tired and the tea isn't helping. If I am talking …7 Replies
Letter closing - Dein/Deine NameLast post 24 Jul 06, 12:09
At school,I learnt in the German class that the letter to friends/family ended with Dein/Dei…7 Replies