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Chen/LEIN!:)Last post 10 Feb 07, 18:51
Wie macht man auf Englisch eigentlich die Verkleinerung? Also -chen und -lein? Z.B. Häusche…1 Replies
-lein, -chen, -elLast post 21 Feb 07, 08:19
I'm looking for the differences between the endings "-lein, "chen" and "-el". I know they a…3 Replies
-lein -chen usw.Last post 01 Nov 04, 17:56
Also touching the theme of intimacy raised in the Freund vs. Bekannte/r thread, some discuss…7 Replies
flowering flax - Roter Lein, wiss.: Linum grandiflorumLast post 23 Aug 16, 17:32
Merriam-Webster Dictionary:flowering flaxnounDefinition of flowering flax: an erect leafy br…0 Replies
golden flax - Gelber Lein, wiss.: Linum flavumLast post 23 Aug 16, 17:21
Merriam-Webster Dictionary:golden flaxnounDefinition of golden flax: a European flax (Linum …0 Replies
Austrian flax - Österreichischer Lein, wiss.: Linum austriacumLast post 22 Aug 16, 00:05
Rareplants.eu (Tenerife):Linum austriacum (Austrian Flax) ********** Flora von Deutschland (…0 Replies
perennial flax - Ausdauernder Lein, wiss.: Linum perenneLast post 25 Aug 16, 19:51
Botanical Society of the British Isles (BSBI):1 Linum perenneAuthority (Brummitt & Powell): …0 Replies
pale flax - Zweijähriger Lein, wiss.: Linum bienneLast post 23 Aug 16, 17:01
Plants Database (US Department of Agriculture):Linum bienne Mill.pale flax Botanical Society…0 Replies
narrow-leaved flax - Schmalblättriger Lein, wiss.: Linum tenuifoliumLast post 25 Aug 16, 19:59
Loire Valley Nature:Narrow-leaved Flax - Linum tenuifolium ********** Flora von Deutschland …0 Replies
sticky flax - Klebriger Lein, wiss.: Linum viscosumLast post 25 Aug 16, 20:46
East London Nature:Sticky FlaxLinum viscosum ********** Flora von Deutschland (Thomas Meyer)…0 Replies