Possible base forms for "demands"

    demand (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

demand, Demand

Related search terms

takes, availment

Forum discussions containing the search term

demandsLast post 10 Mar 15, 12:41
Was ist das Verb bei demands? make? Wie bei Forderungen stellen. 1 Replies
demands imposedLast post 23 Oct 08, 13:27
The result is a well balanced accomodation of all the demands imposed. Hallo zusammen, Ich…4 Replies
energy demandsLast post 13 Oct 08, 09:18
Energiepolitik Wie könnte man den Begriff schluuessig übersetzen? Danke2 Replies
issued demandsLast post 15 Oct 07, 13:16
She pictured herself (...) living in a stranger's house where she would have to concede to h…2 Replies
institutional demandsLast post 05 May 09, 17:37
hey, ich suche eine übersetzung für institutional demands. in dem zusammenhang: "institutio…1 Replies
With demandsLast post 13 Sep 13, 11:36
With Demands, Assad Uses Crisis to His Advantage Vorschlag: ... benützt Assad die Krise zu …2 Replies
Translating "high demands"Last post 15 Aug 07, 15:21
When translating "hohe Anforderungen stellen" I always have the feeling of a better translat…13 Replies
Information-processing demandsLast post 16 Jun 12, 18:28
"We argue, that CEOs are paid in accordance with the information-processing demands that the…1 Replies
Beanspruchungen - operational demandsLast post 05 Jul 04, 17:00
also meine Übersetzung lautet: .... makes, by the DIN XX an of course thru the risen operati…6 Replies
to make demands on / to make demands ofLast post 27 Nov 15, 17:58
In den Berichten zum Papstbesuch in Kenia wird der Papst unter anderem folgendermaßen zitier…7 Replies

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