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influencer Influencer

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impact, affect, action

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carry influenceLast post 24 Jan 13, 20:54
Is this English? "Because of their charisma they carry high influence on some segments of t…8 Replies
affect, influenceLast post 31 May 10, 08:54
Hallo Beim Schreiben habe ich gemerkt, dass ich Schwierigkeiten habe, wann ich nun "influenc…4 Replies
iimportance/influence onLast post 31 May 12, 17:51
The importance of receptor signaling and thereby the influence of the XXX mutation on protein2 Replies
affect vs. influenceLast post 29 Apr 18, 23:31
What is the difference in meaning between affect and influence in the following example, if …10 Replies
Commas' Influence On Meaning.Last post 11 Aug 05, 00:25
Was bedeutet dies: "You have the asset for being ready to fight for what is right, and well-…4 Replies
Significance influence on future - Significance influence on futureLast post 22 Nov 09, 12:03
Significance influence on future (Beeinflusst entscheidend die Zukunft) Influence all area…1 Replies
Bedeutungshof - field of influenceLast post 30 May 17, 18:50
"Die kleine Dorfkirche mit ihrem Bedeutungshof beherrschte den Weiler, von der Stufe zur Kir…18 Replies
influence peddlingLast post 23 Nov 06, 14:52
corruption is a generic term that includes financial or non-financial irregularities such as…2 Replies
influence paddlingLast post 26 Dec 07, 16:45
"Italy was relieved today upon learning that the country's High Court had ruled that influen…5 Replies
technogenic influenceLast post 20 Mar 10, 21:57
Construction and operation ... widens the technogenic influence on the geological environment.3 Replies