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knowledgeLast post 05 May 08, 09:53
The great philosopher Aristotle was asked a question by a group of his students: “Master, you 5 Replies
survey knowledge, landmark knowledgeLast post 27 Mar 06, 15:59
If navigation in a cellular phone menu can be compared to the navigation in the natural envi…2 Replies
basic knowledge - working knowledgeLast post 28 Dec 06, 15:38
in einem CV template wird nach der "fluency of language skills" gefragt; es werden 3 Kategor…4 Replies
prior knowledge vicarious knowledgeLast post 25 Mar 10, 07:14
Cognition can be based on prior or vicarious knowledge or on recent experienced-based inform…7 Replies
knowledge of ... / knowledge in ...Last post 29 Jan 09, 13:12
welcher der folgenden Sätze ist gerammatikalisch richtig: 1) I have detailed knowledge in d…4 Replies
knowledge - ErkenntnisLast post 03 Dec 10, 04:03
In the field of philosophy, esp. Kantian philosophy: (…3 Replies
knowledge eplosion/explosion of knowledgeLast post 30 Mar 10, 20:25
Bsp. 1: When Huxley (*1894) was a boy, men believed in the steady progress of human betterme…2 Replies
knowledge of vs knowledge onLast post 13 Nov 17, 05:28
Hi there,There are quite a few examples given for knowledge of sth but I have also come acro…5 Replies
Silbentrennung knowledgeLast post 14 May 08, 23:08
Mein Word-Silbentrennungsprogramm will partout "knowl- edge" schreiben. Ich bin von "know- l…13 Replies
Residual KnowledgeLast post 06 Apr 05, 15:45
The company may use, but not disclose "Residual Knowledge".3 Replies

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