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Orthographically similar words

bough, cough, dough, lough, ought, rouge, sough, tough, Tough, trough Rouge

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rough draft - RohfassungLast post 20 Feb 09, 19:22
Rohfassung is already listed as "raw version", which is fine, but I think it should be suppl…6 Replies
in the rough - ursprünglichLast post 01 May 10, 01:52
in the rough phrases / idioms see diamond in the rough. The American Heritage® Dictio2 Replies
rough sleepersLast post 07 Mar 17, 19:36
I don’t actually think the Home Office is going to enforce this against say, the French wif…6 Replies
rough-and-ready - schlecht und rechtLast post 24 Mar 08, 11:14
habe 'schlecht und recht' noch NIE gehört. Kennt jmd das in dem gegebenen Zusammenhang? Ich …2 Replies
Very Rough Guide to EnglandLast post 14 May 08, 00:51
England is a nation of "overweight, alcopop-swilling, sex- and celebrity-obsessed TV addict…10 Replies
Rough sleepers vs. (the) homelessLast post 05 Nov 10, 12:50
For my very first time, I read that "rough sleepers" BE = (the) homeless AE. It's silly, bu…35 Replies
to rough it - äußerst sparsam mit etw.Dat. umgehen Last post 04 Nov 10, 08:59
Leo also has: to rough it - auf Bequemlichkeit verzichten to rough it [coll.] - pri…3 Replies
roughLast post 02 Apr 07, 09:49
I'd gotten a little rough with two or three of the girls.2 Replies
roughLast post 13 Mar 07, 11:51
would anyone know how to say "they are the roughest of the Latins" in German??? the contex…11 Replies
rough guide - grober RichtwertLast post 24 Jan 07, 10:19
Autorenhinweise der amerikanischen Zeitschrift "Professional Surveyor"1 Replies