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tinker's fiddleLast post 13 Dec 06, 11:55
"tinker's fiddle" was soll das bedeuten? sowas wie falschgeiger? also quasi schummler? ich …1 Replies
tinkerLast post 16 Sep 10, 23:27
The only channel I believe you get on tinkers TV is BBC World on 161.25Mhz. Otherwise you 0 Replies
not worth a tinker's dam - keinen Pfifferling wertLast post 17 May 08, 11:46
Typo ... an 'n' is missing. Or what do tinkers have to do with dams? Ah yes, they might get…12 Replies
Tinker toyLast post 09 Nov 17, 07:56
. Have no example. Just see this on a list of toys that one has to sort by the age of the c…3 Replies
tinker tailorLast post 28 Sep 09, 16:19
xx: So, last night, I get a call from “H.Q.” saying there’s a private jet waiting 5 Replies
tinker - der Zigeuner | die Zigeunerin Pl.: die ZigeunerLast post 26 Jan 07, 17:43
from Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary: \t Main Entry: 1tin·ker Pronunciation: 'ti[ng]-k&r Fun5 Replies
tinker with - herumwerkelnLast post 04 May 09, 08:22
http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/puttering 3put·ter Listen to the pronunciatio…0 Replies
to tinker into shapeLast post 07 Sep 16, 10:26
"In some ways, he's the type of guy I've always been secretly attracted to: guys who could c…8 Replies
Tinker Tailor Soldier SpyLast post 02 Sep 19, 10:32
Das ist der Titel eines Kinofilms, der im Herbst nach Deutschland kommt. Der Deutsche Title …18 Replies
an Symptomen herumdoktern - (to) tinker about with the symptomsLast post 24 Oct 17, 11:49
Hallo,Ich frage mich, ob es für den deutschen Ausdruck "an den Symptomen herumdoktern" (im …20 Replies