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leave of absence - UrlaubLast post 04 Jan 05, 17:18
I'd agree to leave = Urlaub but in connection with *of absence* I think it would be better t…6 Replies
absence (med.) - DenkpauseLast post 05 Feb 09, 20:42
http://dictionary.reference.com absence 1. \tstate of being away or not being present: I act…1 Replies
absence of correlationLast post 06 Jun 12, 18:43
Hallo, möchte folgendes sagen: Diese Hypothese würde auch erklären, warum es keinen Zusamme…1 Replies
sickness absence - KrankenstandLast post 19 Sep 08, 22:14
The duration of certified sickness absence is higher in groups showing evidence of ill healt…2 Replies
extended absence - verlängerte AbwesenheitLast post 14 Oct 02, 12:07
Bei längerer Abwesenheit infolge Krankheit... In the case of an extended absence due to ill…1 Replies
late absenceLast post 11 Sep 08, 22:45
He would never again see the Fourth of June Parade of Boats or take late absence, or play th…1 Replies
omni absenceLast post 01 Jun 09, 13:55
Animae Partus (i Am) von Pain of Salvation ich finde nirgendwo eine übersetzung von omni ab…3 Replies
absence seizuresLast post 15 Jul 19, 20:24
The absence seizures are getting worse and I know what that means. Das sagt eine Romanfigur…23 Replies
structuring absenceLast post 12 Feb 18, 11:12
one definition I found online for this concept: "This is actually another way of saying ‘The…2 Replies
During my absence... - Abwesenheitsmeldung OutlookLast post 30 Nov 11, 17:21
Dear Sirs, i'm till thuesday the 25'th november not in the office. During my absence please…5 Replies