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termination, finish, ending, inference, end, upshot

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conclusionLast post 20 Sep 10, 12:18
We've been pressed by four thousand years of religious indoctrination into that conclusion.1 Replies
conclusionLast post 19 Feb 08, 13:01
to sail a river to its navigable conclusion Find ich nicht, das passt Ende oder Auflösung????5 Replies
conclusionLast post 04 Nov 07, 22:40
He comes to the conclusion that people aren't changing. Er kommt zum Schluss, das Leute sic…5 Replies
conclusionLast post 07 Aug 08, 13:38
how do i translate conclusion? as in the conclusion of an essay, an experiment, a piece of w…4 Replies
conclusionLast post 01 Apr 11, 18:40
Hallo ich suche ein paar Conclusiones um am Ende des Textes noch mal ein Schlusssatz zu schr…1 Replies
sub-conclusion, conclusion section....?Last post 11 Feb 09, 20:25
Ich möchte nach einzelnen Kapiteln in einer naturwissenschaftlichen Arbeit eine 'conclusion'…3 Replies
heeelp!!!!!! conclusionLast post 22 Jan 08, 15:08
Ich möchte folgendes sagen...und ich scheitere immer wieder...vielleicht gibt irgendwen der …2 Replies
fitting conclusionLast post 23 Apr 09, 11:37
to provide a memorable Final that will be a fitting conclusion to the inaugural season es g…1 Replies
preconceived conclusion Last post 09 Jul 10, 00:26
There are some individuals for whom no amount of evidence will alter their pre-conceived con…4 Replies
favorable conclusionLast post 28 Apr 07, 20:24
Worst case, we will have to endure a siege with an inevitable favorable conclusion. My blood…2 Replies

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