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papular, poplar, Populars, poulard populär

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widely-used, folklike, demotic, prevalent, liked


'Simple Past' bei geschichtlichen Ereignissen
Das Simple Past wird bei Ereignissen verwendet, die der Geschichte (im weitesten Sinne) angehören.
Geografische Objekte und Denkmäler
Bezeichnungen von Erdteilen, Ländern, Straßen, Plätzen, Bergen, Seen sowie Denkmälern stehen – auch, wenn ein Adjektiv vorangeht – in der Regel ohne, bei näherer Bestimmung oder i…

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popular first namesLast post 04 Jan 07, 11:09
First names vary with time, with some names becoming popular for a decade or more, and then …5 Replies
popular - gefragtLast post 28 Oct 05, 14:20
Diese Produkte sind mittlerweile sehr gefragt These products have become very popular More …1 Replies
Radiohead popular in Europe?Last post 14 Dec 09, 09:59
I am having a little discussion here in the U.S. An American here says that Radiohead is rea…11 Replies
to grow popularLast post 27 Jul 05, 21:06
example: these technologies are growing more and more popular worldwide Ich lese gerade ein…4 Replies
Most popular magazines in UKLast post 31 Mar 08, 17:56
What are the most popular UK magazines or newspapers? Particular magazines for teenagers! 1 Replies
popular action - PopularklageLast post 06 Dec 08, 18:55
Popular action (Law) \tan action in which any person may sue for penalty imposed by statute.…1 Replies
popularLast post 23 Apr 08, 22:27
Dazu gibt es zwar schon viele Einträge, aber irgendwie passt keiner so richtig. Es handelt …2 Replies
popular democratic/national-popularLast post 06 Jul 12, 15:23
"For the left, the principaln politica subject is the 'people', constructed by something lik…10 Replies
popular fiction - Belletristik ?Last post 12 Feb 11, 22:12
“Oryx and Crake is also a complex, and game-like, multilayered narrative in which Atwood, in…3 Replies
popular support - WählergunstLast post 28 Feb 08, 17:31
- Most important was appreciation of the political predicament of US presidents in their nee…3 Replies

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