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favorable, favourably

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favourable termLast post 13 Jan 08, 21:25
Hy! Consumer Co-operatives try to provide goods or services for their members on favourable…1 Replies
favourable indicativeLast post 26 Apr 10, 15:46
... if results are favourable Indicative analyses will be required.4 Replies
favourable/favourablyLast post 19 Nov 12, 09:16
This therapy will compare favourable/favourably to the old one I know that grammatically fa…1 Replies
favourable toLast post 07 Jun 11, 07:55
However, this large property package hosts a variety of geological environments favourable t…1 Replies
a favourable impactLast post 08 Jun 15, 09:38
This has had a favourable impact in childhood obesity.7 Replies
favourable opinion on territorial governanceLast post 27 May 16, 14:46
In 2011, the local authorities delivered a favourable opinion on territorial governance, whi…3 Replies
bedeutend günstiger v. etwas günstiger - much more favourable v. slightly more favourableLast post 02 Apr 08, 10:49
wird die wirtschaftliche Situation im Tourismus von 18 Prozent als bedeutend günstiger und v…5 Replies
subject to favourable references and deliveriesLast post 24 Nov 09, 21:29
It is a phrase in an offer concerning terms of payment: subject to favourable references an…4 Replies
die günstige chemische Zusammensetzung - the favourable chemical consistencyLast post 28 Aug 07, 11:30
Durch die günstige chemische Zusammensetzung ist es auch als Babynahrung geeignet. is there …2 Replies
Substance 1 elevates (the) favourable prognostic markers A and B.Last post 31 Oct 11, 18:29
Kann oder muss man sogar das "the" hier weglassen? Herzlichen Dank im Voraus, Ranuncula14 Replies

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