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    depend (Verb)

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It depends on what we decide.Last post 03 Oct 11, 00:23
Arguably, "what we decide" can be described as the complementation of the preposition "on". …3 Replies
All depends upon God's mercy - ?Last post 18 Sep 08, 11:03
An Gottes' Segen ist alles gelegen. Gibt es fuer diesen Spruch ein englisches Äquivalent? Da…4 Replies
Success depends uponLast post 27 Jan 09, 17:40
The success of our leaders depends to a great degree on those working under them. Hallo! Ir…4 Replies
depends entirely uponLast post 08 Dec 11, 20:01
The growth of our organization depends entirely upon the responsibility of its members to br…4 Replies
Determination depends on... - Determination beruht auf...Last post 19 Oct 08, 10:41
Determination depends on cytoplasmic facrors, on the location of the cells in the organism a…6 Replies
It truly depends onLast post 19 Aug 10, 21:45
There is no ideal size for a school district. It truly depends on what the school administra…3 Replies
as a whole depends Last post 04 May 10, 16:00
And the market as a whole depends on the confidence everyone else has in it. Und der Markt …2 Replies
that depends on what do you want/ depends on the current situation.Last post 16 Nov 16, 14:03
I asked a colleague 'wie geht es Ihnen?' and he replied in german which meant the 'Gesucht…8 Replies
es hängt von dir ab - it depends on youLast post 21 Nov 06, 07:09
business talk Es hängt von dir ab. Es hängt von der ENtwicklung ab. Es hängt von den Fragen …1 Replies
hängt von unterschiedlichen Faktoren ab - depends on different factorsLast post 27 Aug 08, 12:13
Zusammenhang: Meldung des Mindestbestandes in einer Lagersoftware. Ist das so okay oder gibt…3 Replies