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auld, caul, Gaul, Hail, hail, hale, half, Hall, hall, halm, halo, halt, haulm, heal, hulk, Hull, hull, hurl, maul, shul Aula, Dhau, faul, Gaul, halb, Hall, Halm, Halo, Hals, halt, Halt, Haue, Haus, Haut, Huld, Hulk, Maul

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tow, draw, pull

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long haul aircraft - das LangstreckenflugzeugLast post 10 Feb 07, 18:00
long-haul adjective Definition: long-distance: relating to travel or transportation over lo…1 Replies
haul\t \t \t - die Erdbewegung Pl.: die ErdbewegungenLast post 19 Feb 15, 09:22
Der LEO-Eintrag: https://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=die%20erdbewegung&searchLoc=0&5 Replies
to haul ass - rasenLast post 27 Feb 09, 23:56
1. hauling ass 44 up, 3 down 1. To Move at an Excessive speed Man I was Hauling Ass …4 Replies
drugs haul - DrogenladungLast post 29 Nov 14, 21:14
Police found a multi-million drugs haul destined for the UK aboard a yacht in the Caribbean.…1 Replies
Medaillenausbeute - medal haulLast post 21 Feb 14, 23:27
Nach massiver Kritik an den Zielvereinbarungen bei Olympia 2012 und deren Neuordnung peilt d…1 Replies
to haul so. over the coals - jmdn. zur Rechenschaft ziehenLast post 23 Jul 10, 09:22
A) haul (someone) over the coals to scold. Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 200…2 Replies
trunk haulLast post 24 Mar 08, 11:17
Vehicles are "built to order", and an efficient trunk haul is engaged with the drawback of a…5 Replies
medal haulLast post 16 Aug 08, 15:49
Cycling golds boost GB medal haul. Medaillengewinne?3 Replies
gun haulLast post 29 Jul 14, 16:17
Inside the killer-poacher's lair: Extraordinary gun haul and trophy room of Austrian killer …4 Replies
U-HaulLast post 06 May 10, 14:17
Abandoned U-Haul on RFK Bridge not a threat, according to NYPD. Ist U-Haul der Anhänger (Au…8 Replies

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