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halt - der HaltLast post 08 May 12, 10:49
halt1 n 1. an interruption or end to activity, movement, or progress 2. (Transport / Railway…5 Replies
Pipe down - Halt's MaulLast post 31 Dec 05, 23:06
"Pipe down" is an incisive injunction against loud talking or yelling; but some speakers ext…7 Replies
haltLast post 15 Feb 09, 18:44
woher rührt das "halt"? Ich wollte das halt wissen!5 Replies
check - der AufenthaltLast post 19 Jan 14, 10:22
check (chk) n. 1. An action or influence that stops motion or expression; a restraint: Heavy…0 Replies
Sicherheit im Haus(-halt)Last post 13 May 18, 10:26
https://dict.leo.org/forum/viewGeneraldiscussion.php?idThread=1372628&idForum=18&lp=ende&4 Replies
Keep your peckers up - Halt die Ohren steifLast post 21 Aug 06, 23:30
Please take out the english translation for german "Halt die Ohren steif". The meaning of th…7 Replies
Calling at (train, bus) - mit Halt inLast post 15 May 12, 18:13
This should be marked as BE. In AE, you can only use "calling at" for a ship. In AE, we …2 Replies
stop at tooth space - Halt bei ZahnlückeLast post 02 Aug 19, 23:24
The only Google hits for both sides are LEO. This appears to be a complete nonsense entry.12 Replies
to grind to a halt - zum völligen Stillstand kommenLast post 22 Oct 08, 15:38
Air traffic is grounded, public services grind to a halt, and there are some clashes, as Gre…2 Replies
halt den MundLast post 01 Apr 13, 00:57
Shut up! Shut your mouth! Shut your mouth up! Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass Satz 1 und …8 Replies