Das Pronomen such wird verwendet, um auf die grundlegenden Eigenschaften einer Position, eines Objekts o. Ä. hinzudeuten bzw. um in Verbindung mit and auf Ähnliches hinzuweisen. Le…

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owner, disponent owner, managing ownerLast post 27 Aug 06, 17:11
Hello! Could someone explain what the differences are between an owner, a disponent owner a…1 Replies
file owner / folder owner / data owner / application ownerLast post 01 Feb 21, 15:44
Hi,are all these variants ok?Ordnerinhaber / Ordnereigentümer / Ordnerbesitzer (oder: Verzei…6 Replies
OwnerLast post 10 May 21, 11:59
Hallo! Ich übersetze gerade eine Umfrage (Marktforschung). Hat Jemand eineI dee wie man "ow…3 Replies
owner Last post 08 Oct 09, 14:03
Wie nennt man den "owner" einer Gesellschaft (corporation)? Eigentümer?3 Replies
ownerLast post 12 Feb 08, 23:40
African Americans were allowed to vote and to acquire the land of former owners. sind mit "…3 Replies
owner companiesLast post 05 Mar 05, 12:38
The different projects were discussed in (name of conference) in order to ensure we maintain…2 Replies
Owner's GuideLast post 07 May 05, 23:31
Click here to download Owner's Guide. Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Owner's Guide und Use…1 Replies
copyright ownerLast post 10 May 06, 15:05
You may post copyrighted content only with permission from the owner. Es geht mir speziell u…2 Replies
source ownerLast post 27 Jul 07, 20:25
"A pretest meeting may be held at the request of the source owner of the Department" Es geht…2 Replies
owner operatorLast post 20 Sep 07, 21:02
This engineering solution was well received by EPCs and owner operators alike. EPCs ist kla…9 Replies

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