Possible base forms for "supposed"

    suppose (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

suppose, Suppose

Forum discussions containing the search term

SupposedLast post 12 Jul 08, 22:15
"How was I supposed to know..." aus Baby One More Time (Britney Spears) "to be supposed to"…1 Replies
supposed to be ...Last post 31 Mar 08, 22:46
I’m supposed to be a minimalist, so people complain if I do anything else. It’s best to 2 Replies
be supposed as Last post 10 Jul 19, 11:02
"I shall not be supposed as according to the remotest degree of serious faith to such an ima…4 Replies
shall/supposed toLast post 01 Aug 08, 18:00
Wann benutze ich denn was? z.B. Wann soll das Projekt fertig sein? When shall the project ..…2 Replies
presumed, supposed, assumedLast post 24 Jun 13, 11:58
Hi, could someone tell me the difference between these three words? Thank you!!5 Replies
supposed for/supposed to be - Gedacht für/soll seinLast post 11 Nov 18, 21:53
This statue ist supposed to be a dog. Diese Statue soll einen Hund darstellen.This box is su…2 Replies
should/ought/supposed to - sollte...Last post 03 May 11, 12:20
You are supposed to be in school at 8 o'clock. You ought to be in school at 8 o'clock. You s…2 Replies
i was supposed toLast post 19 Oct 06, 17:03
I was supposed to see the Symphony, but I got sick. Just an example, but how would one sa…2 Replies
sollen - be supposed toLast post 11 Oct 07, 21:53
Teacher asks students what they had to do for homework. student answers: "We were supposed…13 Replies
to be supposed toLast post 06 Apr 09, 15:32
I was supposed to be back today! But i missed my flight :(3 Replies

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