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banquette, bench, side-strip, verge

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to shoulder - absetzenLast post 14 Oct 20, 09:32
https://dict.leo.org/forum/viewGeneraldiscussion.php?idThread=1442969&idForum=4&lp=ende&4 Replies
shoulder to shoulder - Schulter an SchulterLast post 09 Jan 08, 18:22
LEO: shoulder to shoulder [mil.] - in Tuchfühlung to stand shoulder to shoulder - Schulter …6 Replies
hard shoulder - der StandstreifenLast post 03 Mar 09, 18:52
A hard shoulder, or simply shoulder, is a reserved area by the verge of a road or motorway. …1 Replies
dislocated (shoulder, etc.)Last post 16 Jul 15, 14:18
LEO (and PONS, for that matter) give both ausgerenkt and ausgekugelt for "dislocated" 4 Replies
to shoulder - absetzenLast post 12 Oct 20, 16:12
Der erste Treffer bei den Verben zu "shoulder" ist der obige. Ich hab keine Ahnung, was gena…9 Replies
shoulder blade - SchulterblattLast post 29 Aug 10, 19:14
From the English Wikipedia: "In anatomy, the scapula, or shoulder blade, is the bone that co…7 Replies
shoulder - halbe FlascheLast post 15 Jul 20, 17:39
Most Irish people are familiar with the terms naggin and shoulder for 200ml and 350ml bottle…8 Replies
shoulderLast post 05 Nov 07, 13:27
The planet carrier is rotably mounted on the hub shaft and is axially fixed between an axial…4 Replies
Shoulder rest - die SchulterstützeLast post 15 Dec 11, 19:05
Beispiel: Wenn die Länge des Halses größer ist als die Entfernung zwischen Boden der Geige u…1 Replies
shoulder blade - das SchulterblattLast post 09 Feb 07, 08:22
http://gripsdb.dimdi.de/rochelexikon/ro32500/r34909.html: Schulter|blatt engl.: shoulder bl…1 Replies