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score - zwanzigLast post 05 May 07, 00:57
The entry "fourscore" is given with the extra information [obs.] [poet.], whereas "score" a…18 Replies
a score - zwanzigLast post 05 Sep 08, 21:20
Very, very old fashioned. I would prefer the ´obs.´ connotation to get added here.1 Replies
"Credit score" und JobsucheLast post 10 Feb 14, 11:03
Folgendes Zitat habe ich aus einem Artikel von einer Frau aus den USA, die seit längerem arb…30 Replies
in-production reject score - die FertigungsreklamationsnoteLast post 22 Oct 13, 17:49
LEO: http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=Fertigungsreklamationsnote&searchLoc=0&r1 Replies
Score a *** goalLast post 19 Mar 09, 22:45
I have got as far as finding out that 'er hat ein Tor erzielt' is OK, but how would I say 'h…3 Replies
Noten - scoreLast post 03 Oct 15, 07:44
I'm not sure if this works: "Sometimes, when he was feeling melancholic, he would play his …45 Replies
score board - die AnzeigetafelLast post 19 May 07, 11:42
score·board (plural score·boards) noun Definition: board displaying score: a board at a spo…4 Replies
"to keep score" + prep.?Last post 12 Oct 06, 14:42
Ich denke an "to keep score" außerhalb von Sport und Spiel, also z.B. "He used to go to the …5 Replies
scoreLast post 12 Mar 07, 22:24
hi, does this make sense to a native speaker of German? Geschäftsfrauen aus dem Norden Eng…9 Replies
scoreLast post 27 Nov 08, 12:56
his only objection to their marrying would be on the score of that necessary article, Cash. …5 Replies