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determine, define, itemise, itemize, schedule

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"specify whether" vs "specify if"Last post 13 Apr 17, 16:20
"Specify whether the parameter is required for recipe completeness."vs."Specify if the param…17 Replies
specifyLast post 11 Apr 11, 16:55
"Method 'A' is employed under circumstances specified for communication with people of group…2 Replies
specifyLast post 26 Nov 14, 10:05
More than 60,000 m2 flooring were specified for this project. Ich suche eine sinnvolle Über…5 Replies
Please specifyLast post 02 May 09, 22:37
From a survey on a seminar I conducted a few weeks ago. For many questions I ask, e.g. what …3 Replies
will specifyLast post 15 Aug 13, 13:44
This document does not modify or alter requirements, such as NDT, Welding, Surface treatment…2 Replies
ansetzen als - specify...as?Last post 14 Dec 07, 17:18
Viele Rechnungslegungen setzen die fortgeführten Anschaffungskosten als Buchwert für Finanzi…3 Replies
Is it ok to specify working hours in Germany?Last post 25 Apr 09, 07:38
I'm currently looking for a job in Germany but I'm not wanting to work more than 38 hours ma…19 Replies
präzisieren - to state more precisely, to specifyLast post 10 Apr 18, 11:58
Hallo, Mein Problem ist die Übersetzung von "präzisieren". Die offiziellen Übersetzungen vo…3 Replies
Must specify Last post 09 Jan 16, 15:19
Aus einer Arbeitsanweisung. "The employee's manager must specify how often these trips may b…2 Replies
Angaben zu den Unterlagen - Specify documentsLast post 03 Sep 07, 10:53
...man soll aus einer Liste von Dokumenten die zutreffenden anzukreuzen.0 Replies