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dismount, miscount, viscount Viscount

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discount - discountLast post 04 Aug 09, 15:19
I have thought that you have deducted the cash discount already on the deposit-invoice. Sti…3 Replies
discountLast post 09 Oct 09, 09:01
The present research proposes and tests an explanation for the prior finding that temproal d…1 Replies
Mengenrabatt - quantity discount - volume discountLast post 16 Nov 08, 11:02
If you order more than 500 pieces we can grant you a quantity discount of 5 per cent. .. s…5 Replies
Discount marketLast post 10 Oct 07, 20:17
was genau sagt man in deutschland Laeden wie Lidl, Aldi und so. Laden waere ja zu klein, Ein…2 Replies
time discountLast post 01 Jul 07, 22:42
Time Discounting for Primary Rewards kommt aus der Psycholgie, ist also ein Fachbegriff, mi…0 Replies
deepest discountLast post 23 Oct 06, 18:33
....Where the deepest discounts are found..... weiß jemand wie man das auf deutsch sagen kann?2 Replies
acquisition discountLast post 10 Jul 08, 10:41
...negative relationship between acquisition discount and customer value...2 Replies
Payback DiscountLast post 17 Nov 09, 13:53
Ich habe in einer Rechnung von einem Kunden eine Floskel gefunden die sich Pay-back discount…6 Replies
discount couponLast post 08 Jul 09, 16:12
"... had gotten as her Christma bonus a discount coupon for a steak house she couldn't get to3 Replies
discount functionLast post 18 Jun 10, 23:39
In Strotz’s formulation a conflict occurs between today’s preferences and tomorrow’s preferenc1 Replies

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