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heavily - schwerlichLast post 06 Nov 17, 19:34
Ich bin gerade ueber die Uebersetzung schwerlich->heavily gestolpert. Mir faellt keine Anwe…12 Replies
difficult of access - schwer zugänglichLast post 25 May 04, 09:05
"difficult of access" and "difficult of explanation" just sound completely wrong to me (BE).6 Replies
difficult of access - schwer zugänglichLast post 07 Nov 03, 12:56
'of' should be changed to 'to' in both examples. 'difficult of explanation' should be 'diffi…2 Replies
Adjektiv "difficult"Last post 25 Feb 11, 16:06
Hallo, wie lautet das Adjektiv von "difficult"? Meiner Meinung nach müsste es doch difficult…10 Replies
Nachtrag "difficult"Last post 24 Feb 11, 16:23
Natürlich meine ich das Adverb zu "difficullt"!!!! Sorry!1 Replies
difficult timesLast post 16 Apr 20, 21:26
Hallo! Wenn man jemandem Kraft in einer schweren Zeit (Tod des Vaters z.B.) wünscht, was sag…4 Replies
"a too difficult" vs. "too difficult a"Last post 23 Jun 10, 23:34
Hallo, welche Sätze sind richtig? 1.) That is a too difficult question. 2.) That is too di…7 Replies
I feel difficultLast post 29 Jan 09, 15:08
Hi can anybody help me - i want to know that means in german or a good english explination c…9 Replies
difficult German handwritingLast post 07 Jun 15, 00:30
Can you help me out and read these 3 words on a postcard? (underlined in read) Here's the sc…8 Replies
difficult German words (pronunciation)Last post 23 Feb 10, 11:09
[hope this is the right place for this -- fairly new here] just though it'd be nice to shar…235 Replies