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consequence - BedeutungLast post 12 Jun 13, 12:20
consequence Bedeutung {f} [Folge] consequence Tragweite {f} of consequence {adj} bedeutungsv…5 Replies
Konsequenz - consequenceLast post 13 Aug 08, 07:58
Ein Arbeitsvorgang führt zu einer Konsequenz.... in einer Tabelle werden diese Arbeitsschri…1 Replies
matter of consequences - Angelegenheit von BedeutungLast post 15 Jan 11, 12:25
Some references to "matter of consequence" with no final "s": As a matter of consequence, M1 Replies
unintended consequence of the pandemicLast post 16 May 20, 01:10
This morning, I heard this on the radio (NPR no less):One of the unintended consequences of …11 Replies
give consequenceLast post 03 Sep 09, 22:20
She is tolerable , but not handsome enough to tempt me; I am in no humour at present to give…4 Replies
self-consequenceLast post 22 Jul 07, 14:10
He entered the room with a look of self-consequence1 Replies
unformed consequenceLast post 05 Jan 15, 18:08
... And we see the youngsters who hold themselves back, fearful of some unformed, undeserved…2 Replies
in consequence - folglich, daherLast post 15 Jan 15, 19:55
I've lost my glasses and in consequence I can no longer read the newspaper. demzufolge11 Replies
of consequence - wichtig, bedeutend, weitreichend, folgenschwer Last post 14 Dec 05, 17:47
M-W see today's discussion in German Missing matters/affairs of consequence0 Replies
high consequence pathogen - der hochpathogene ErregerLast post 07 Feb 20, 11:33
“The Division of High Consequence Pathogens and Pathology (DHCPP) improves public health and…9 Replies