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very importanceLast post 26 Nov 12, 15:24
Hallo zusammen In several areas actions are required; in particular to highlight are the t…5 Replies
heavy importance?Last post 25 May 10, 18:57
Gibt es so etwas? Vielleicht im Sinne von einem schwerwiegenden Argument / ein Argument von …2 Replies
two importanceLast post 31 Oct 20, 11:27
Aus einem "assignment" im Fach Science für Achtklässler in Kenia:State two importance of swe…4 Replies
Bedeutung - ImportanceLast post 21 Sep 10, 15:44
I am fascinated of the importance of small scale processes for the containing large scale pr…3 Replies
The importance of gendersLast post 02 Dec 05, 11:24
As a non-native speaker of German, I have always wondered of the effect of using the incorre…62 Replies
The importance of punctuationLast post 07 Mar 12, 09:19
Grad gefunden; das find ich fast so nett wie "Eats, Shoots and Leaves": STOP CLUBBING, BABY…14 Replies
Importance of correct spelling Last post 14 Jul 11, 10:40
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-14130854 Music to the ears of all us pedants!0 Replies
to attach importance to learning / to attach importance to learnLast post 09 Jul 13, 21:54
With or witout -ing? Thank you for your answers!3 Replies
The importance of the German school formsLast post 11 Sep 08, 17:51
I would like you to use the leos as a touchstone again for something that puzzled me. I was …114 Replies
importance of religion in GermanyLast post 29 Nov 09, 22:41
hi Leute, ich habe die Aufgabe bekommen, eine Einleitung und den Schluss zu einem Text über …21 Replies