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close, Close, Closed, closed, closet, clover, coster, eclose, loser Löser, Loser

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closerLetzter Beitrag: 22 Sep. 08, 18:52
She took his coat and hung it in the closer. (Roald Dahl - Lamb to the slaughter)3 Antworten
closer lookLetzter Beitrag: 30 Apr. 06, 01:22
"a closer look reveales slight infiltration by ..." Heißt es korrekt "a closer look at ... r…1 Antworten
"The closer"Letzter Beitrag: 12 Dez. 06, 12:58
Hallo zusammen, es gibt doch diese neue Serie auf Vox "The closer". Hat jemand ne Idee, wie…2 Antworten
closer deskLetzter Beitrag: 17 Sep. 09, 15:32
He pointed at the chess set that was on top of the closer desk. Da keine weitere 'desk' erw…3 Antworten
Closer railLetzter Beitrag: 18 Nov. 09, 14:20
"the distance between the centre closer rail and the other tracks was 1495mm" Gibts das Wor…7 Antworten
deal closerLetzter Beitrag: 09 Nov. 10, 16:46
A guy wants to persuade his boss to renew his contract instead of letting him go. Knowing th…15 Antworten
move closerLetzter Beitrag: 01 Dez. 08, 23:57
Recycling should be a major part of our everyday life. It is very important that a public in…4 Antworten
deal closerLetzter Beitrag: 16 Mai 09, 16:57
"External gifts for clients as thankyous, trophies and deal closers." Es handelt sich um Lu…10 Antworten
curtain closerLetzter Beitrag: 10 Jul. 09, 19:01
For the first time since 1918, the famous Corrientes Avenue in Buenos Aires - Argentina's eq…2 Antworten
hold closerLetzter Beitrag: 02 Sep. 08, 15:28
Held my partner closer when other men walked into the room. Hallo! Aus einem psychologisch…1 Antworten

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