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custom, custos

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US CustomsLast post 18 Sep 07, 15:15
I would like to send a server and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) from Germany to the …4 Replies
customs at EpiphanyLast post 07 Jan 10, 15:44
Who in Germany is still practising ancient rites at Epiphany? Is the custom of smoking out t…42 Replies
New Year's CustomsLast post 05 Jan 07, 16:52
This is a query to the Germans!! I have just received a visit from a friend who gave me a lo…23 Replies
Zoll - customs or the customsLast post 16 Sep 08, 10:13
hej native speakers or everyone who's familiar with the customs or customs. i don't know abo…2 Replies
Problem mit HM Revenue & Customs Last post 21 Apr 11, 16:16
Letztes Jahr war ich fuer einen Monat in Schottland als "self-employed" registriert. Jetzt m…22 Replies
Maibräuche / Customs to celebrate MayLast post 03 May 10, 03:12
Hallo :) Ich habe mich gefragt, ob es in Australien, Neuseeland oder Canada auch Maibräuche…16 Replies
customs point - ZollanmeldestelleLast post 06 Sep 05, 22:09
Financial Times "Half-measures like quotas tend to wreak havoc" "[T]he chaos that has desce…2 Replies
Manners and Customs in the UK?Last post 28 Aug 08, 16:17
Dear all, I'm looking for books dealing with manners and customs in the UK, some kind of a …8 Replies
inland customs office - BinnenzollamtLast post 09 Jun 11, 12:41
Dietl/Lorenz Dictionary of Legal, Commercial and Political Terms Wörterbuch für Recht, Wirts…0 Replies
Zollhaus - customs houseLast post 15 Aug 14, 06:53
Zöllner Levi saß am Zollhaus, als Jesus ihn aufforderte, ihm zu folgen. -3 Replies