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to appraise - to appreciate - to evaluate - to value - justipreciarLast post 24 Aug 20, 11:13
Leo already has several entries for :…0 Replies
to telework - to telecommute - teletrabajarLast post 30 Mar 20, 20:37
Leo ya tiene los sustantivos siguientes :…0 Replies
to move slowly, to work half-heartedly, to slack, to kill time, to slow down, advance slowly - roncearLast post 25 Mar 20, 12:37
Some of the English expressions are already in the dictionary :…0 Replies
to beseech - to beg (for sth.) - to urgently request (sth.) - deprecarLast post 09 Jun 20, 19:07
Leo already has entries for the Spanish synonyms :…0 Replies
to characterize so./sth. - to name sth. - to judge sth. - caratularLast post 12 Jun 20, 21:48
Leo already has the synonyms :Siehe Wörterbuch: describir to characterize so./ charact…0 Replies
to muddle sth. up . - to mix sth. up - to intermingle - entreverarLast post 28 Nov 20, 19:01
Leo ya tiene las entradas :…0 Replies
to sanctify - make sth. holy - to saint so - to hallow - sacralizarLast post 13 Nov 20, 18:48
Leo ya tiene entradas para to sancti…0 Replies
to comb again - to comb carefully - repeinarLast post 18 Nov 20, 12:56
referencias ingleses :…0 Replies
to succeed - cuajarLast post 27 Apr 20, 13:36
Leo already has several entries for Siehe Wörterbuch: cuajar ... but not for this other mean…0 Replies
to comb - peinarLast post 18 Nov 20, 12:46
Leo ya tiene la entrada to style so. | s…0 Replies

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