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He's a pain in my neck - Me pone de los nervios.Last post 26 Mar 20, 14:46
Hola! I have only rudimentary Spanish, but I was using this dictionary to try and translate…2 Replies
de suyo - in itself, intrinsicallyLast post 15 Oct 20, 12:01
Gran Diccionario de la Lengua Española © 2016 Larousse Editorial, S.L.: 3. de suyo loc. adv.…1 Replies
in the far future - in the distant future - en un futuro lejanoLast post 12 Nov 20, 11:25
Leo ya tiene entradas para :Siehe Wörterbuch: futuroSiehe Wörterbuch: future future      el0 Replies
in the near future - en un futuro próximoLast post 12 Nov 20, 11:23
Leo ya tiene entradas para : https://dict.leo.org/ingl%C3%A9s-espa%C3%B1ol/futurohttps://dic…0 Replies
to take your turn in the line (AmE) o (BrE) queue - coger la vez (en la cola)Last post 30 Apr 20, 19:12
DEFINITIONS:(1)Diccionario Clave (DUEA):vezs.f.4 Posición que corresponde a una persona cuan…1 Replies
to work cooperatively - participate in cooperative work / communal labour (BE) / communal labor (AE) - mingar (Arg., Chile, Col., Ec., Par. y Perú)Last post 09 Dec 20, 19:44
Verbo del sustantivo Siehe auch: cooperative work - communal labour (BE) - com... https://dl…0 Replies
fleeting star - nine day wonder - short-lived - flash in the pan [fig.] - flor de un día, f - flor de la maravilla, f [fig.]Last post 29 Jun 20, 13:12
Leo already has entries for https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/Eintagsfliege fleeting sta…0 Replies
to do the wrong thing in +gerund, to be wrong to +inf, to be wrong of someone to +inf - hacer mal en +infinitivo, hacer mal +gerundioLast post 21 Oct 20, 11:30
related discussion: to do the right thing in +gerund, to be right to +inf, to be right of so…1 Replies
to do the right thing in +gerund, to be right to +inf, to be right of someone to +inf - hacer bien en +infinitivo, hacer bien +gerundioLast post 21 Oct 20, 11:32
(1)MOLINER, María: Diccionario de uso del español (DUE), Gredos, 2007hacer bien (conjugable)…1 Replies
Experto en intervención con personas migrantes y refugiadas - Facilitator in flight and migrationLast post 23 Sep 20, 13:29
I'd like to translate the title of this course. I think facilitator would be a good descrip…2 Replies