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each of them (también: each of us, each of yours); each one - sendos, sendasLast post 20 Oct 20, 12:26
DLE: sendos, dasDel lat. singŭli, -ōrum.1. adj. pl. Uno cada uno o uno para cada uno de dos …2 Replies
heap of stones - majano, m Last post 02 Sep 20, 19:10 majanoDe or. desc.1. m. Montón de cantos sueltos que se forma e…0 Replies
state-of-the-artLast post 22 Oct 22, 15:12
State-of-the-art technology is used in our machinery Busca la(s) palabra(s) correspondiente…2 Replies
certify officially - provide power of attorney - bastantear Last post 21 May 20, 12:53 bastantearDe bastante y -ear.1. intr. Der. Dicho de un a…0 Replies
tremendismo (art of shocking realism) - tremendismo, m Last post 31 May 20, 18:30 tremendismoDe tremendo e -ismo.1. m. Corriente literaria y…0 Replies
Good catch! (of an error)Last post 03 Nov 20, 08:40
HarperCollins Dict. en-es: catch - A: (n) 1: (of ball etc.) cogida, parada; (of trawler) pes…6 Replies
livestock (of a region or country) - cabaña, f Last post 27 Oct 20, 19:11
Leo ya tiene varias entradas para…0 Replies
assistant / hand of the bus driver - piche, m Last post 11 Dec 20, 21:33
Leo ya tiene varias entradas para y ya…0 Replies
the dump (inform., store of data) - el volcadoLast post 07 Mar 22, 09:56 INFORMÁTICA Visualización, en pantalla o papel, d…2 Replies
cairn - apacheta - heap of stones (Andean region) - apacheta, f Last post 05 Sep 20, 18:46 Replies

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