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2.1.1.b.T2 Substantive mit Endung '-sh', die den Plural auf '-es' bilden

Die Bildung des Plurals auf -es ist für Substantive mit Endung -sh der reguläre Fall.
Nachfolgend eine Tabelle von im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Substantiven mit Endung -sh, die der regulären Pluralbildung folgen. Klicken Sie ein Tabellenelement an, um die im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Übersetzungen zu erhalten.

Singular Plural Singular Plural
anguish anguishes nailbrush nailbrushes
backflush backflushes nebbish nebbishes
backlash backlashes needlebush needlebushes
backslash backslashes newsflash newsflashes
backwash backwashes nosh noshes
beautybush beautybushes onrush onrushes
bosh boshes outwash outwashes
bottlebrush bottlebrushes overflush overflushes
brush brushes paintbrush paintbrushes
bullrush bullrushes paperbush paperbushes
bulrush bulrushes parish parishes
calabash calabashes photoflash photoflashes
clothbrush clothbrushes potash potashes
club-rush club-rushes radish radishes
cohosh cohoshes rainwash rainwashes
crash crashes rosebush rosebushes
dervish dervishes sagebrush sagebrushes
dish dishes saltbush saltbushes
downwash downwashes sash sashes
elderbush elderbushes shoebrush shoebrushes
emdash emdashes skunkbush skunkbushes
eyelash eyelashes slash slashes
eyewash eyewashes slush slushes
fetish fetishes smash smashes
flash flashes spicebush spicebushes
flat-rush flat-rushes spikerush spikerushes
flosh floshes splash splashes
flush flushes splosh sploshes
galosh galoshes squash squashes
golosh goloshes standish standishes
goulash goulashes stramash stramashes
hairbrush hairbrushes sugarbush sugarbushes
horseradish horseradishes superfinish superfinishes
indigobush indigobushes swoosh swooshes
inrush inrushes synchromesh synchromeshes
jetwash jetwashes tarboosh tarbooshes
landwash landwashes thornbush thornbushes
leash leashes thrush thrushes
lilacbush lilacbushes toothbrush toothbrushes
macintosh macintoshes tundish tundishes
mackintosh mackintoshes tush tushes
marsh marshes underbrush underbrushes
microfinish microfinishes uprush uprushes
micromesh micromeshes upwash upwashes
mishmash mishmashes wash washes
mouthwash mouthwashes whiplash whiplashes
mush mushes wish wishes
musquash musquashes woodrush woodrushes
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