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2.1.1.c.T1 Substantive mit Endung '-ch', die den Plural auf '-es' bilden

Die Bildung des Plurals auf -es ist für Substantive mit Endung -ch der reguläre Fall.
Tabellen mit andersartiger Pluralbildung bei Endung -ch:
2.1.1.c.T2 Substantive mit Endung '-ch', die den Plural auf '-s' bilden
Nachfolgend eine Tabelle von im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Substantiven mit Endung -ch, die der regulären Pluralbildung folgen. Klicken Sie ein Tabellenelement an, um die im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Übersetzungen zu erhalten.

Singular Plural Singular Plural
anabranch anabranches lych lyches
arch arches masterbatch masterbatches
bach baches match matches
backstitch backstitches microinch microinches
basket-stitch basket-stitches microswitch microswitches
batch batches milkvetch milkvetches
beach beaches milk-vetch milk-vetches
beech beeches motor coach motor coaches
biatch biatches nonesuch nonesuches
blotch blotches nonsuch nonsuches
blowtorch blowtorches notch notches
branch branches nuthatch nuthatches
breech breeches off-switch off-switches
brooch brooches orach oraches
bullfinch bullfinches ostrich ostriches
bycatch bycatches overpunch overpunches
cartouch cartouches oxystarch oxystarches
catch catches patch patches
chaffinch chaffinches paunch paunches
chainstitch chainstitches peach peaches
church churches photoswitch photoswitches
cinch cinches pikeperch pikeperches
clutch clutches pooch pooches
coach coaches porch porches
cockroach cockroaches potlatch potlatches
conch conches preapproach preapproaches
cooch cooches putsch putsches
cornstarch cornstarches quetsch quetsches
counterpunch counterpunches ranch ranches
cranch cranches ratch ratches
cratch cratches rematch rematches
crosshatch crosshatches reproach reproaches
crosspatch crosspatches roach roaches
cross-stitch cross-stitches runch runches
crotch crotches scratch scratches
crutch crutches slowcoach slowcoaches
deathwatch deathwatches snowfinch snowfinches
dipswitch dipswitches speech speeches
distich distiches stagecoach stagecoaches
dogwatch dogwatches starch starches
eye patch eye patches stench stenches
finch finches stitch stitches
fitch fitches stopwatch stopwatches
glitch glitches subbranch subbranches
goldfinch goldfinches swatch swatches
greenfinch greenfinches sweetvetch sweetvetches
grinch grinches thermoswitch thermoswitches
gulch gulches thumbsketch thumbsketches
hatch hatches tich tiches
haunch haunches timeswitch timeswitches
hawfinch hawfinches titch titches
hookswitch hookswitches tobacco pouch tobacco pouches
hotchpotch hotchpotches underreach underreaches
hutch hutches vetch vetches
inch inches watch watches
itch itches welding torch welding torches
ketch ketches wench wenches
kidney-vetch kidney-vetches whipstitch whipstitches
larch larches wich wiches
lech leches workbench workbenches
letch letches wretch wretches
lich liches wristwatch wristwatches
loach loaches wych wyches
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