2.1.1.b.T1 Substantive mit Endung '-ss', die den Plural auf '-es' bilden

Die Bildung des Plurals auf -es ist für Substantive mit Endung -ss der reguläre Fall.
Nachfolgend eine Tabelle von im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Substantiven mit Endung -ss, die der regulären Pluralbildung folgen. Klicken Sie ein Tabellenelement an, um die im Wörterbuch enthaltenen Übersetzungen zu erhalten.

Singular Plural Singular Plural
abbess abbesses Indiangrass Indiangrasses
abscess abscesses isogloss isoglosses
abyss abysses jackass jackasses
access accesses jess jesses
actress actresses Johnsongrass Johnsongrasses
address addresses joss josses
adulteress adulteresses Junegrass Junegrasses
adventuress adventuresses kindness kindnesses
air hostess air hostesses kiss kisses
air mass air masses knotgrass knotgrasses
albatross albatrosses kriss krisses
ambassadress ambassadresses landmass landmasses
ancestress ancestresses lardass lardasses
anchoress anchoresses lass lasses
arbitress arbitresses laundress laundresses
archduchess archduchesses letterpress letterpresses
ass asses loess loesses
authoress authoresses looking glass looking glasses
backcross backcrosses loss losses
badass badasses lovegrass lovegrasses
barnyardgrass barnyardgrasses manageress manageresses
bass basses marquess marquesses
battledress battledresses mass masses
battle-dress battle-dresses matrass matrasses
beachgrass beachgrasses mattrass mattrasses
beam-compass beam-compasses mattress mattresses
beard-grass beard-grasses mayoress mayoresses
beargrass beargrasses mess messes
benefactress benefactresses miss misses
bentgrass bentgrasses mistress mistresses
Bermudagrass Bermudagrasses morass morasses
biomass biomasses moss mosses
bioprocess bioprocesses murderess murderesses
bittercress bittercresses muss musses
blackgrass blackgrasses needlegrass needlegrasses
bluegrass bluegrasses Negress Negresses
blunderbuss blunderbusses nightdress nightdresses
boss bosses oatgrass oatgrasses
bristlegrass bristlegrasses ogress ogresses
bromegrass bromegrasses overdress overdresses
brookgrass brookgrasses overpass overpasses
bugloss buglosses pass passes
burgess burgesses peppergrass peppergrasses
bur-grass bur-grasses poetess poetesses
business businesses postmistress postmistresses
buss busses preceptress preceptresses
buttress buttresses premiss premisses
bypass bypasses press presses
canarygrass canarygrasses priestess priestesses
candyfloss candyflosses princess princesses
canvass canvasses prioress prioresses
carcass carcasses process processes
caress caresses procuress procuresses
cheatgrass cheatgrasses progress progresses
class classes prophetess prophetesses
clothespress clothespresses proprietress proprietresses
clubmoss clubmosses protectress protectresses
cogongrass cogongrasses prowess prowesses
compass compasses puss pusses
compress compresses recess recesses
conductress conductresses ross rosses
congress congresses ryegrass ryegrasses
contrabass contrabasses sandglass sandglasses
cordgrass cordgrasses schoolmistress schoolmistresses
cottongrass cottongrasses schuss schusses
countess countesses sculptress sculptresses
C-process C-processes seagrass seagrasses
cress cresses seamstress seamstresses
crisscross crisscrosses seductress seductresses
cross crosses seeress seeresses
cuirass cuirasses sempstress sempstresses
cuss cusses shepherdess shepherdesses
cutlass cutlasses smartass smartasses
cypress cypresses songstress songstresses
doss dosses sorceress sorceresses
dress dresses sourpuss sourpusses
dross drosses speargrass speargrasses
duchess duchesses speiss speisses
dumbass dumbasses spikemoss spikemosses
editress editresses spring mattress spring mattresses
eelgrass eelgrasses spyglass spyglasses
egress egresses stewardess stewardesses
empress empresses stress stresses
enchantress enchantresses subclass subclasses
excess excesses success successes
express expresses sundress sundresses
eyass eyasses superclass superclasses
eyeglass eyeglasses sweetgrass sweetgrasses
feathergrass feathergrasses taskmistress taskmistresses
fess fesses temptress temptresses
fiberglass fiberglasses tigress tigresses
fibreglass fibreglasses toss tosses
flote-grass flote-grasses traitress traitresses
fortress fortresses trespass trespasses
foundress foundresses tress tresses
fringe-moss fringe-mosses truss trusses
giantess giantesses tutoress tutoresses
glass glasses underclass underclasses
gloss glosses underpass underpasses
gneiss gneisses victress victresses
goddess goddesses viscountess viscountesses
grass grasses waitress waitresses
gross grosses wardress wardresses
groundmass groundmasses watercress watercresses
guess guesses waterglass waterglasses
gyrocompass gyrocompasses weakness weaknesses
hair-grass hair-grasses weatherglass weatherglasses
headdress headdresses wheatgrass wheatgrasses
headmistress headmistresses whorlgrass whorlgrasses
heiress heiresses wilderness wildernesses
hiss hisses windlass windlasses
hostess hostesses winepress winepresses
hot-press hot-presses wiregrass wiregrasses
hourglass hourglasses wuss wusses
housedress housedresses yellowcress yellowcresses
illness illnesses    

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